Growing Stronger, By Design

Taking traditional therapy one step further through the development of horticulture skills,’s community programs offer a range of health-focused benefits that are a great complement to existing therapies. While learning about self-sustaining food production, nutrition, and wellness, participants build life skills that promote mental health and prevent at-risk behaviours.

  • Interactive gardening instruction
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Wellness and well-being
  • Nutrition and Food Production
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Creative endeavours
  • Artistic pursuits
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Personal and communal coping skills


People who work in community gardens had noticeably better self esteem and overall health than those who do not. source

Relieve Stress

30 minutes of outdoor gardening is shown to relieve stress and keep cortisol levels low. source

Increased Nutrition

Community gardeners eat fruit and vegetables 5.7 times a day as opposed to the average 3.9 times a day. source

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