Our Mission

iGrow.team is a dynamic organization offering youth, family, and community development programs in Colorado. The health needs of all ages are addressed in non-clinical activities through therapeutic horticulture, STEAM education, mental health promotion, improving physical and cognitive resilience, and food culture.

From reconnecting with nature, yourself and one-another, to growing food for the entire community to enjoy, iGrow.team’s fun, interactive learning programs started as a Green Thumb Initiative in Canon City, Colorado, with groups of all ages engaged in gardening. They are now evolving into a model for innovations, healthy lifestyles and healthy communities.

Why Horticulture?

Between environmental stressors affecting personal health, issues caused by the overuse of technology, and problems with food scarcity/quality, the average person in today’s society has a lot to worry about. Gardening generally and therapeutic horticulture specifically act as an accessible way for individuals of all ages to address these concerns and reconnect with nature, themselves, and their communities.

For The Environment

Whether it’s air pollution, climate change, or deforestation, small and large scale horticulture directly addresses environmental stressors and provides sustainable, ecological sound approaches that positively impact both the environment and citizens.

For Your Health

Young or old, there is a need for all age groups to meet basic physical functions of the body such as proper nutrition and proper movement. Engaging in the act of gardening meets both these needs in a single activity as well as provides a therapeutic approach to stress management which in turn supports the prevention of anxiety, depression, and substance use.

For Your Communities

Getting back to nature and working together within the community naturally reinforces the need for social connection and purpose and helps community groups of all ages and abilities work in harmony toward a unified goal through multi-generational play and gardening.

Meet the iGrow Team

Jenni Guentcheva

Jenni Guentcheva

As a licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addiction Counselor in the US and a Psychologist in Europe, Jenni’s mission is to reveal opportunities for personal growth and development to her clients. As well as running the IGrow.team program, Jenni is also CEO at GoodNeighbour, a mental health agency with footprint in both the US and Europe.

Cole Monahan

As iGrow.team’s Director of Business & Program Development, Cole Monahan works tirelessly to develop community & corporate partnerships, while inspiring organizations of every size to reconnect with nature, themselves, and their communities. A NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, Cole is currently pursuing his Business Degree.

Our Partnerships

iGrow.Team programs are made possible thanks to partnerships with groups and organizations aligned with our overall mission and objectives.