Rooted Locally,
Growing Globally is a dynamic organization offering youth, family, and community development programs in Colorado. Our hands-on programs have applications which address the health needs of all local, state, and national communities through STEAM education, mental health promotion, improving physical and cognitive resilience, and promoting healthy food culture.

From reconnecting with nature, yourself and one-another, to growing food for the entire community to enjoy,’s fun, interactive learning programs bring together groups of all ages to engage in gardening and therapeutic horticulture. Our non-profit subsidiary, Green Thumb Initiative has been serving the needs of Canon City, Colorado for the past 2 years. They are now evolving into a model for innovations, healthy lifestyles, and healthy communities providing solutions for addressing food security and well-being for communities throughout the United States.


Nature enhances mental health, reduces stress, and can produce physiological benefits such as lower blood pressure and reduced muscle tension. source


Students in a one-year school gardening program increased their overall life skills by 1.5 points. source

Community Gardening

A community gardening program can reduce food insecurity, improve dietary intake and strengthen family relationships. source

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Get Involved

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